Setting My Record Straight

It’s not uncommon to have multiple versions of truths with one any one event.  We humans, see things from all different angles and what is true for me is decidedly untrue for others.  Our own truths may even change over time as we re-write our own histories to make better sense of them, to accept them, to heal from them or just to embellish them and oh so many more endless reasons.

My blog is an outlet for me to set my own truths out there.  They may or may not be accurate to others and whilst I don’t intend to offend anyone, especially those that I love, admire and respect, I am almost certain that I will and for that I ask for compassion, patience and forgiveness.  And if that’s not forthcoming…? Well, bugger it… I’m done with tiptoeing and pacifying.  I’ve spent my life considering others feelings and not meaning to offend (don’t get me wrong, I have often offended but that doesn’t mean to say it has always been intentional), if it offends, don’t read, don’t follow, but above all please don’t be rude.

I will cover whatever comes to mind on here, whether it’s stories I’ve lived or my opinions on the world we live in…. as yet I am not certain what direction this blog will take…  I’m very new to this…  I just know I have a voice and at this time in my life, I feel like I want to exercise it.

My views and truths are my own, but that’s not to say I am not happy to be challenged on them.  On the contrary, I am.  With one rule, please do it with respect and kindness and I will do the same.

First blog postJust for the record...